About Us

As KFT MAKİNE, we offer solutions based on cost and time schedules that provide more efficiency and security in the workplace.

+15 Years Experience!

Who Are We?

About KFT Machine

KFT was established in 2019 while the family business background started from last generations as our core of tradition. This company primarily provides energy and construction industries with procurement and aftersales services.

Due to growing demands for the modernisation and new development of oil and gas field, KFT has begun to expand its activities to encompass oil and gas sectors.

Today, in association with Major international companies, manufactures, KFT dedicates its expertise to provide full-service solutions for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical.


Our History and back ground :


Following taking over the KBF Makine company in 2012 which had been founded in 2003, KFT was founded in 2019 and reorganised in 2006. The company specialises in providing services  to Oil and gas sectors.


2006 Re-Organization Of  PKPC Company
2012 Re-Organization Of  KBF makine Muh
2019 KFT Makine Muh  start Activity


 İt is a company that provides products to Oil , Gas and Petrochemicals with more than 15 years of experience, and quality.


Our 4 Basic Principles

As KFT Makine, our mission is to provide the most efficient and safe service in every project.

Continuosly Developing

Our infrastructure

Supervisor Observation

Must be supervised

Solution Oriented

Alternative Thinking


Providing Supply

KFT Machine All Over the World!

Our Research and Development (R&D) and Support experts allow us to design and provide valuable solutions for even the most complex projects, with the latest software technologies that help design solutions to anticipate and solve problems and save money for you.